LEGO Just Released A Trailer For Minecraft Like LEGO WORLDS And It Looks Pretty Damn Amazing

I can't believe I'm awestruck by a trailer for a LEGO game, but you'll get it when you watch. At first glance, LEGO Worlds looks incredible. In one minute we see sweeping forests, space scenes, plane battles, races and friends building together in a giant sandbox. It's like when people said Minecraft was the next LEGO for kids they took it as a personal challenge to show us what it really means to play with LEGO digitally! 

I'm seeing a lot of ambition here that gives me a lot of hope for this game, but I'm going to remain skeptical until we see some more in game footage from players. Check out the trailer below and pick up the game on console February 2017. If you can't wait until then it looks like you can get early access on Steam for $14.99! I might have to take them up on that!