LEGO STAR WARS BATTLES Is Coming To Mobile Next Year


A new LEGO Star Wars game is coming and no it isn’t the Skywalker Saga! LEGO Star Wars Battles is a new action strategy take on the LEGO Star Wars franchise coming to Android and iOS in 2020. The title will be multiplayer focused allowing players to build a light side or dark side deck to do battle with. Taking content from nearly every Star Wars source under the sun, LEGO Star Wars Battles will put you in control of all the iconic heroes, villains and vehicles of Star Wars. Battles will be 1v1 and focused on quick matches.

We’re very proud to extend the LEGO Star Wars video game legacy with LEGO Star Wars Battles, a new experience built from the ground up for mobile devices. We hope players will enjoy the unique combination of LEGO Star Wars with deep strategy in deck building and innovative territory capture by constructing LEGO towers.
— Jason Avent, Studio Head, TT Games Brighton
For over 15 years, LEGO Star Wars video games have been offering a unique take on Star Wars, engaging and delighting fans around the world. We are thrilled to bring new LEGO Star Wars experiences to mobile audiences with LEGO Star Wars Battles, which introduces new ways to play in a galaxy far, far away that is still uniquely LEGO.
— Douglas Reilly, Vice President, Lucasfilm Games

LEGO Star Wars Battles is being developed by TT Games Brighton and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Playdemic. The game is intended to be free-to-play upon its 2020 launch with in-app purchases also being available. No gameplay has been revealed just yet but the concept sound like it should be a fun one with both deck building features and strategic goals. I am definitely curious to hear more!

What do you all think about the announcement of LEGO Star Wars Battles?