Liberty City Coming To GRAND THEFT AUTO V Thanks To Insane Mod

Liberty City will soon be playable in the world of Grand Theft Auto V thanks to what sounds like an amazing mod! A team of Russian developers collectively called OpenIV have found a way to bring the city across the sea from Los Santos utilizing some handy conversion software that technically ports over Liberty City in GTAIV into your current copy of GTAV.

I'm not entirely sure how that works, but it essentially means that this mod is impossible to achieve unless you own both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto IV. 

While the teaser trailer doesn't really show much, I am excited for the concept! I'm also excited because if Rockstar cancels it, it'll give great weight to rumors from last year that said they were planning on porting the popular city into the game in a giant expansion. If that's not true, let's hope this mod works as advertised. 

That is if it ever lives to see a release. Most mods downfall is asking for money and that's exactly what their blog post focuses around. They're also in Russia, however, so it's not like American copyright laws can strike across the border on them...nor would the Russian or American government make any real effort to extradite them on Rockstar's behalf. 

Really it's all meaningless until we see something a little more substantial than a silouette of the city right?