LiQuiD112 voices support for Rick Fox in ongoing Echo Fox controversy


With no resolution in sight for the ongoing controversy surrounding Rick Fox, Echo Fox, and Amit Raizada, another esports organization owner has thrown his hat into the ring: Team Liquid’s Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet.

The former League of Legends player expressed his vehement support for Rick Fox during an interview with ESPN at the League Mid-Season Invitational.

“If that’s true, like, fuck that person,” said LiQuiD112 of Raizada, who has been accused of slinging anti-black and anti-Semitic slurs at other businessmen and Echo Fox affiliates via both email and text. LiQuiD112 went on to encourage Fox to continue his involvement in esports: “Get back to the team and stay the course.”

LiQuiD112 also took advantage of the interview to praise Fox’s genuine engagement in the esports community.

“The fact that you were not just going to throw money into esports like so many folks have done, but you were going to bring your notoriety and your ability to send a message, and also get into it,” said the Team Liquid co-CEO.

By talking about investors simply “throwing money into esports,” LiQuiD112 may have been sending a subtle dig in the direction of Raizada, who has largely remained uninvolved in the esports community beyond his investments in Echo Fox. However, Raizada cannot simply be fired from the organization, as he is an investor in Echo Fox rather than a staff member. Instead, other investors must buy him out if they wish for him to separate with the brand. Rick Fox has indicated his interest to stay involved with the team if such a buyout can be negotiated, but no news regarding a potential deal has surfaced as of yet.