List: 4 Games You'll Enjoy If You Like MINECRAFT

The community that follows the most popular creative sandbox game Minecraft has continued to grow and in-turn so has the game. Players from all over the world have created some serious masterpieces inside of the game from monuments to theatrical roller coasters. The creativity never ends as long as the possibility to build, construct, and experiment remains.

What most Minecraft players don't know is the games being created from the inspiration the developers found inside such a great survival and/or creative adventure sandbox styled game. I have pulled together the top four that have caught my attention that I think fans of Minecraft could find themselves enjoying. The following list is in no particular order, so lets begin!

Virtual Earth Online

Offering similar gameplay, but with more building pieces than Minecraft, this completely free-to-play title is one of the most accurately done games to match the creative sandbox adventure. Each player will be able to sport a real character, instead of the typical blocky one, and build a world of their own in Virtual Earth Online, or VEO.

There are tons of titles out there that go unnoticed, and this game not being available on Steam isn't doing it any favors, but this is one game that Minecraft fans should take a moment to try out themselves. Buildings and other construction projects will have a wider variety of looks thanks to the smaller blocks used to make the shapes and the variety of different types they have made available.

You can download VEO for free from their website.

Memories of Mars

Coming from 505 Games is a whole new perspective to the open world survival aspect. Memories of Mars will be taking you away from the home planet and placing you on the sci-fi version of Mars, you will find that the world isn't so void of life as we choose to believe today. Traverse the red planet in search of resources and build yourself a base in order to truly find your place by setting up a home in the unknown terrain.

Expected to launch in Spring of 2018, this is one of the more intriguing titles that I think Minecraft fans will be looking forward to exploring. Are you ready to conquer a new world?

You can learn more about Memories of Mars on their website.

Orc Island

Focusing on the survival side of the sandbox world over the creative building aspect is Orc Island. While there is resources to gather and buildings to be built up, the focus of this title is more in answering the question: 'How will you survive?'

This game is made by the same team behind Virtual Earth Online, but the more aggressive approach could be just what some of the more hardcore Minecraft fans are looking for. We all know that the depths of a mine could quickly become deadly, but it is also easy to prepare for it. What will you do in a world that isn't so familiar?

This completely free game is available on the Orc Island website.


Taking an approach that is led by a green thumb, Eco by Strange Loop Games is going to bring a Minecraft world into an environmental balance. This time you won't be able to just completely clear out an area or plug up a lake for your own convenience. Instead, it is time that you consider what your actions will do to the environment because without it you can't survive!

I love the idea of having to keep up with the environment and look forward to this games launch on Steam come February 6th. You can learn more about Eco on their website.

There you have it! Four games that Minecraft players will be able to truly enjoy and two of them are already available to be played for free. Which of these titles seemed most interesting to you?