Listen To This Puppet Speak The Truth About The Decline Of PAPER MARIO

Arlo may speak behind a puppet, but that doesn't make his opinions any less valid. Watching his most recent video about the state of Paper Mario made me feel as though he were speaking the words as they were being plucked from my head.

I can't tell you the amount of hours I dipped into the original Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door. I've been a Mario RPG fanatic since the SNES days, and while Paper Mario wasn't the Super Mario RPG I initially wanted, I soon realized it was much more.

Now we got these new titles that, although Arlo is fine with them, I'm not pulling punches. They are Nintendo garbage. Nintendo garbage is when the formula isn't broke...but they fix it anyway because THEY know better. It's not terrible to just give fans what they want occasionally Nintendo...remember that going into NX.