Listen To This Self Titled Song From DEATH STRANDING's Soundtrack

With only one more month until we are given Kojima Productions first title Death Stranding, we have been hearing some good news about it already. Just a few weeks ago we found out that the game went gold, that the game was completed, and they are putting together the official soundtrack. It is not a strange concept for Kojima to be focusing a bit on the music as there was a possible connection with a Low Roar music video back in 2017 during the conspiracy and guessing era of the game’s development, but now we get to hear a song straight off of the official soundtrack prior to its release.

This self-titled song from CHVRCHES could end up being anywhere in the game, but the top two possibilities would have to be in the end credits or when we go to the moon (if that is a real possibility and not just a misplaced thought). The song seems to be about going to the stars and taking risks. For example, one of the lines in the chorus hints at space travel with, “Maybe together we can make a spark in the stars we embark,” and towards the end, we get, “Let’s open up to the sky.

Even with everything that has been shown off for the game already, we still have so many questions about Death Stranding. Kojima truly is the king of causing speculation around his games and I couldn’t be more excited for its release. As we continue to wait for November 8th to get here, let’s enjoy the first leaked song from its official soundtrack: Death Stranding by CHVRCHES.