One of the surprising game trailers to be featured at The Game Awards 2018 was that of a primitive world. In fact, the game will be putting players in control of humankind’s ancient ancestors. The game I am talking about is the one that Panache Digital Games announced called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey which showed that players will be in control of a gorilla-like character that is trying to survive life from over 9 million years ago!

It is intriguing that a survival game based on the days before time would be so interesting to get a hold of. I honestly didn’t think I would want to try something like this until I saw the trailer featuring some of the dangers players will have to face, including gigantic snakes and birds. Just look at what they show in the trailer:

With nothing but the year 2019 set for when Ancestors will launch, we still have a lot to see. This trailer seems to be showing only a taste of what we will have in store for us, as far as surviving the harsh world goes. Thanks to the trailer being on Steam and the Playstation YouTube, we know that it will end up on the PC and PlayStation 4, but there is nothing more shown to let us know if it will also be on Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch.

Does an ancient ancestors based game interest you? If so, which platform do you hope to see it on?