LMS team disqualified from competitive play over match-fixing allegations


The League of Legends Master Series has been rocked by a major match-fixing scandal. Following revelations that they intentionally threw matches in order to influence betting outcomes, the owner and two members of Hong Kong’s Dragon Gate have been banned from competitive play. As a team, Dragon Gate have been permanently removed from the LMS.

The scandal broke in the form of an official LMS investigation, which uncovered evidence that Dragon Gate’s dismal 2-12 record in the LMS 2019 Spring Split may have been caused by factors outside the game. According to a statement posted to Facebook by Dragon Gate top laner Huang “2188” Jin-Long, team member Liu “Soul” Kai was replaced by Jiang “YuLun” Yu-Lun during the last three weeks of the split after he refused to intentionally throw matches for $750 a pop. Dragon Gate jungler Liu “JGY” Yang was also implicated in the scheme, which was masterminded by team owner Hu Wei-Jie and head coach Fan “yoga” Jiang-Peng.

The situation is far from over, as Dragon Gate’s owners are now suing Riot Games and Garena (the publishers of League of Legends in Southeast Asia) to regain their spot in the LMS Summer Split. They claim that Riot used shaky evidence to make a premature ruling.

Following Dragon Gate’s disqualification, the team has been replaced in the LMS by Taiwanese squad SuperEsports.