Looks Like Actors Are Doing Work For GRAND THEFT AUTO 6

While Rockstar has been uncharacteristically quiet about anything new relating to Grand Theft Auto (outside of online content), it appears the company is quietly enlisting actors for the next entry in the franchise. Check out this resume update from Mocap actor Tim Neff, which was spotted by a bunch of GTA hungry gaming fans:

Now, of course, this could mean absolutely nothing and it wouldn't be the first time someone in the gaming industry either flubbed up what project they were working on or outright lied just because, but Neff did indeed go to Rockstar for Mocap work according to his instagram:

That was back in February, which is a little suspect considering that was months before E3 2017 and Rockstar had nothing to say regarding a new title at the time. Then again, they could just be keeping quiet because they have absolutely nothing to show for the game so what's the point in hurting their flourishing GTAV sales by announcing another game will be out soon. 

We'll keep an eye on this and see if Rockstar issues any comment regarding this recent rumor.

Source: VG247