Looks Like The PSVR Is About To Be Wireless!

We all know that when it comes to Virtual Reality, one of the main reality checks the device has is the wire that keeps us connected to the device. While this is understandable and the length of the cord was increased (among other aspects) when the second PSVR model was developed, is the next step for Playstation to completely remove the wire?

Well, according to an article from UploadVR, the latest patent granted for the current PSVR being designed is for a model that will function wirelessly! This would mean that the only thing left to really take you out of reality is the amount of space you have to move around while wearing the headset itself.

There were a couple of images shared that show the patent plans for the next PSVR model, but the best breakdown image is the following:

This new design would allow players to feel even more disconnected from reality as they simulate going to other worlds, facing countless horrors, or slicing through boxes rhythmically! The main question that needs to be asked is, are you willing to put your trust in something that runs wirelessly though?

Think about this: in order for them to be able to remove the cord, there would have to be a very powerful connection between the device and the hardware in order for there to not be any lag between the game and your movements. It may end up being a similar argument between having a LAN connection or using Wifi, which for me it is always the latter, but this isn’t just an internet connection issue; this will affect even your offline single player gameplay.

There isn’t much more to say that wouldn’t go into speculation and we will just have to see how they go about setting this up. Sony is known to create some amazing hardware and devices, so if anybody could pull this off for console, its them. Besides, it’s not like wireless VR doesn’t already exist! Perhaps they can take some notes from the HTC Vive’s wireless set up and expand on it to make it even better for us console lovers.

Hopefully we will hear more official news on this straight from Sony sometime soon. Until then, check out their design image featuring the device where the user could afford the latest PSVR device, but not an entertainment center to put his stuff!