LOST SPHERE Looks To Reignite the Passion of JRPG Fans


SQUARE ENIX®’s Tokyo RPG Factory™ released a new game today called Lost Sphere, which looks and feels like a classic JRPG from the times of the Super Nintendo and Early Sony Playstation days. Those who have played their most recent title I Am Setsuna will recognize this similar looking title. In the game players will be able to ba a swordsman named Kanata who awakens to find the world disappearing. Together with the help of his companions and wielding the power of memory they will save the world.

Here is the official description of the game from Square Enix:

As the world faces an ominous threat that transforms cities and mountains into a white void known as LOST, Kanata awakens with a mysterious power that is able to reverse the world-vanishing phenomenon. Harness the might of mechanized Vulcosuits and the restorative ability known as Memory to shape your fate in a disappearing world, and experience the new evolution of turn-based battles in the new RPG

LOST SPHERE looks to expand upon a lot of the features that Tokyo RPG Factory released in it’s debut into the Classic JRPG realm with I Am Setsuna and features a couple new innovations to the genre.

  • Reimagined Turn-Based Battles – Fight with the freedom of strategic movement in enhanced turn-based battles

  • Mighty Vulcosuits – Utilize mechanized Vulcosuit armor in the fields and in battle to amplify your abilities and execute unique skills

  • Beautiful Soundtrack - I AM SETSUNA™ composer Tomoki Miyoshi scores an atmospheric and moving soundtrack to accompany Kanata’s epic adventure.

Also if you are unfamiliar with the Tokyo RPG factory that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as it is a studio within Square Enix which was created in 2014 and is dedicated to re-introducing the classic JRPG style to current hardware, mixing the spirit of the past with technologies of today.  It will be interesting to see how the game is, and if it lives up to the amazing gameplay from I Am Setsuna.

The game is available for everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 or PC so if you are interested here is the trailer for the game:

Where you a fan of I am Setsuna? Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know in the comments!