Dating Simulators Start Leaping Over To PlayStation VR

Dating simulators are huge in Japan and I'm honestly surprised they haven't taken hold of the market in other parts of the world. Regardless, it's only but the logical progression of things that they're making the jump to virtual reality, I mean, if porn did it.

Enter Happy Manager, an upcoming dating simulation game for PlayStation VR unveiled by D3 Publisher at the Tokyo Game Show.

In this game you will assume the role of a guy who unexpectedly gets stuck with the job of apartment manager for Happy Manor, a huge resort-like complex. The place is inhabited by only three tenants who happen to be young attractive women suitable for different tastes and likes.

Environment-wise it seems like Happy Manor will have different settings to explore in which different scenarios will unfold. Examples include, dressing rooms, a kitchen, bedrooms, the lobby, an indoor pool area, a gym, etc. 

Now lets take a look at the girls. First up we have Shizuka Sakurai who is the innocent girl from a wealthy family and is escaping the clutches of strict parents for the first time,  therefore, she's always down to experiment. With her I'm guessing the point is to let your wild side loose and show her the world.

Next up we have Barbara-Kristine Tachibana who is half-Japanese and got picked on as child for that, but now she's a model and will fulfill the role of a modern-day, cold hearted, bitchy, blunt yet honest kind of girl. This one's probably going with the cliché that once you win her trust her frozen heart will thaw because you showed her that there are nice people in the world.

Lastly, but not least, we have Himari Takeyama, who will play the senior resident that all the other girls rely on. She's kind of ditzy, slightly obsessive, and a fickle-hearted girl who picks up new hobbies just as quickly as she drops them, which I'm assuming will probably happen to players if they go for her, or alternatively, the point may be to become the man to change her capricious ways. 

So what then will you do as the apartment manager to get close to these girls? well, you see, your job comes with great responsibilities, such as giving personal advice, getting drunk with the tenants in their rooms, running errands for them, and of course, standing guard while they shower just in cases anyone suspicious comes by. 

Happy Manager will be released on PlayStation 4 with PS VR support in Winter of 2017

via Gematsu