Machinima Has Privatized Its Entire YouTube Library

And just like that one of the biggest archives of hit internet videos has been rendered unwatchable… First reported by Kotaku, it seems that recent restructuring changes in Machinima Inc. has resulted in the removal of all previously created content on Machinima and many of its subsidy channels. The removal has come without warning or any prior notices leaving numerous fans and creators confused and sad by the move.

Machinima was recently acquired by Otter Media who provided the following statement to Kotaku.

We are focused on creating new content with the Machinima team, which will be distributed on new channels to be announced in the coming months. In the meantime the Machinima network of creator channels continues to showcase the talents of the network. As part of this focus on new content, we have pivoted from distributing content on a handful of legacy operated channels.

I know that I personally haven’t watched Machinima stuff for quite some time for whatever reason but it is truly tragic to lose such a large and formative part of internet and gaming history. What were your favorite Machinima moments?