MADDEN 19 Predicts The Winner For Sundays Big Game

EA has used Madden 19 to predict the winner of Sundays Super Bowl. According to the CPU vs CPU simulation, the Rams will come out on top with a narrow victory over the Patriots with a score of 30 - 27. The above video also provides stats of the simulation including an interception thrown by both teams Quarterbacks. Using the Madden Football franchise as a way to predict the winners of the annual Super Bowl game is nothing new with the tradition dating back to Madden 2004. Surprisingly enough the simulations have actually proven to be correct more than not with a record of 10 - 5.

While these simulations may prove to be little more than distraction I have always enjoyed seeing them. Sometimes I even enjoy them more than the game itself! With how often the Patriots appear in the Super Bowl it is also fun to see a prediction that they will lose. It is also fun to give some friends who are die-hard patriots fans some grief if you know what I mean. As an added bonus Madden 19 is on sale throughout the weekend!

Who are you rotting for this Sunday? Share your favorite team below!