MAGIC: THE GATHERING Gets Man Stabbed Seven Times

And this, dear readers, is why I only play Magic: The Gathering online. Fox 9 reported this weekend that 31 year old Elijia Dale Creech called 911 to inform them that he had stabbed a man in his apartment who was busy dying. When the St Cloud Police rocked up there, they discovered that the two had been playing M:TG. The two had argued and this led to Creech assaulting the 21 year old opponent with a rubber mallet before stabbing him seven times.

 Investigators executed a search warrant of Creech's apartment after learning he had a prior conviction for possession of an explosive with intent. The St. Cloud Fire Department of Hazardous Materials Response Team tested the air and somes items for possible hazardous materials, but the tests came back negative.
Creech is in custody at Benton County Jail on suspicion of first and second degree assault charges.

There is no further information on what could have caused such a violent outburst. Perhaps his opponent had been cheating or had a power card up his sleeve. Other questions on my mind are how often this secret game sessions have been happening and if this is the first incident by Creech, or if he is a serial M:TG stabber. 

Whatever the reason, the injured man is in hospital for substantial injuries. I doubt he will be playing this game ever again, but we do wish him a speedy recovery. If you live in St Cloud or have heard any further news, please let us know.


Source: KOTAKU

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