MAINGEAR Announces New Partnership With Intel For Streaming PC Bundles


Streaming and content creation are becoming an ever increasing part of today’s gaming environment. MAINGEAR, maker of custom high-end systems, has just announced a new partnership with Intel to make content creation easier for everyone looking to hop in. As part of MAINGEAR’s Be the Next big streamer! program, anyone who owns a MAINGEAR PC with a 7th-9th gen Intel processor can now utilize a customized version of Intel’s Easy Streaming Wizard to get there stream built with ease. For new adopters of MAINGEAR systems, new accessories bundles are also going to be provided to kickstart any aspiring new creators equipment needs.

Bundles breakdown as follows.

Systems With Any i9 Processor - $300 USD Value: RAZER KIYO webcam, RAZER SEIRĒN X, Elgato Stream Deck Mini

Systems With Any i7 Processor - $200 USD Value: RAZER KIYO webcam, RAZER SEIRĒN X

Systems With Any i5 Processor - $100 USD Value: Choice of a RAZER KIYO webcam or RAZER SEIRĒN X

Intel Easy Streaming Wizard Key Features

Optimize Your Encoding Setting: Adjust the encoding and streaming quality depending on the capabilities of your processor

Streaming Service Selection: Select among different streaming services and configure your system with optimal settings

Bandwidth Optimization: Easily assess available bandwidth to the streaming provider and adjust quality automatically for optimum performance

Streaming Game Setting Optimization: Optimize OBS settings based on the type of game or content being streamed

Recording Optimization: Optimize recording encoder for platform selected

Configure Cameras and Microphones: Select/position a connected camera and set the default microphone.

Generate Scenes for a Professional Look and Feel: Create up to six different scenes with configurable backgrounds and text elements.

Some of the hardest aspects of content creation is in the setup. With MAINGEAR’s new partnership with Intel much of this setup can be handled with ease. For new creators this could be one of the best ways to jump in with absolute ease. It doesn’t hurt to have an absolutely awesome PC from MAINGEAR either!

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