Major Splatoon 2 Update Adds Tons of Entertainment and New Ways to Enjoy the Game


Inkers and Inklings, hold on to your weapons! Two new major updates are coming out for Splatoon 2  on November 23rd and 24th, and will bring a ton of awesome things to do in the wacky competitive Nintendo game we know and love. 

The updates will include:

  • Four new battle stages, which won’t be available immediately after downloading the update, but they will come out during the holiday season.

  • A new Salmon Run Stage called Salmonid Smokeyard

  • Approximately 140 pieces of new gear

  • New battle music

  • Two male and two female hairstyles

  • A new level cap of 99

  • New amiibo functionality

  • In-match gear swapping

  • A new game mode called Clam Blitz where you have to collect clams to either hurt your opposing team, or help yours.

All of the details in the updates for the game can be found here on Nintendo’s website.

The content appears to be super promising and will definitely give you something to look forward to while sitting at your relatives houses with nothing to do during the holiday season.

Do these updates make you want to get back into it more? Are you excited for what they are adding to the game? Let us know in the comments below!