Make Your Escape in OVERTURN VR

Creating games to have challenging aspects is always something that players look for when playing. While some want games to be laid back and simple, many like the competitive gaming style brought from racing, sport, combat and first person shooters!

Adapting the challenging game play and bringing it to the virtual reality perspective is Studio HG, which they are making Overturn; which will be published by YJM VR. This adventure/action VR game will be one that has a range of combat options, from bare-hand to melee weapons to shooting, and will also have a small amount of puzzles to help make the game even more interesting!

The story is one that is seen often; you wake up in a room with all your memory lost and are set out to escape the suspicious laboratory you awoke in. While escaping you will meet a mysterious girl and the two of you will work together to try and escape the lab.

Despite the story being a common theme, it will play a big role in what you are going through and experiencing throughout the game. This game looks invigorating to play through as you will have to dodge, block, attack, and strategize as you make your way through the auspicious laboratory.

Q&A with Daehoon Han

What inspired you to create this game?
“I am inspired by old games when making games. The game 'Overturn VR' was inspired by 'ICO'. So sometimes I say VR version 'ICO' when introducing my game. But my game is not a puzzle genre. I just want to bring the atmosphere that 'ICO' has.”

Will there be difficulty options?
“The difficulty option naturally goes. I want to be a friendly game and I want gamers to play to the end.”

How difficult would you say this game will be?
“This game is made for VR game intermediate or more. The game is not so easy. There are many parts of the game where you can move yourself. It will be a difficult game for those who are afraid to move their bodies because they have a lot of play to avoid enemy projectiles. But it also provides convenience so that it is not too difficult. I do not want to wander in VR space. So the puzzle was made so that it could be solved in the neighborhood without difficulty.”

What made you decide to make it a virtual reality game?
“VR is a very attractive field. I wanted to make a game with VR, so I made a VR game called 'Smashing the Battle'. However, this game is a third person game and the VR effect is less. So this time I wanted to make a game like "Virtual Reality" more. So the Overturn VR was developed as a first person adventure shooter.”

Will it be story or gameplay focused?
“This game focuses on both things. I hope gamers will enjoy the story and watch the end of the game. It is not easy to convey the story in VR, but I am trying. And the mechanism of the game was developed for the story. Thanks to the various puzzles and combat situations I’m making. We are pursuing a variety of game plays rather than repeated game play.”

Would you consider it more of a shooter or a hack 'n' slash?
“A basic battle is a melee battle that takes place in the middle distance. You can fight your enemies with your pistol style, sword, and fist. When gamers become proficient in the game, they can fight with swords like superheroes. There is a stage for long-range sniping in the story. But this is for the stage only.”

Besides the gun and swords, what other weapons will players be able to use?
“At the beginning of the game there is no weapon, so you are engaged in bare hands. I can fight like a boxer. As you play the game, you will use the items around you to battle. You can throw the bait to invade the enemy or attack the enemy through the flamethrower. And you can enjoy more powerful battles through various skills.”

Will there be infinite or limited ammo?
“It is infinite ammunition, but there is a reload. The reload is done by the gamers motion, not automatically.”

Will all the enemies be robots?
The enemy comes not only from robots, but also from human beings, guards, and specimens failing to experiment. Each of them has its own way of fighting. Experts will use their own super powers to harass gamers. And a mighty boss or a strong enemy of the game will have an experience that VR has never experienced before.”

How long has this project been in development?
“It has been developed for about 8 months now.”

How many members are on your team behind this game?
“One person is developing. This is a one person development game. Studio HG is one-man game studio. I make 'Smashing the Battle' and 'Overturn VR'”

What is the main objective for the player in the game?
Escape a dangerous laboratory like a mysterious girl. While escaping, there are obstacles with many enemies, but I believe it will work well. In this part, I want to resemble the sensitivity of 'ICO' a little.”

What can players expect when playing your game?
“You can try various experiences. Bare-hand combat, sword-based combat, shooting, infiltration play and giant boss battle. I am developing a game that can be said to be the total set of VR games I've played up to this point. Expect a lot!”

Check out the Trailer:

Overturn VR is expecting to launch for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam in Q2 of 2017. You can follow for more information and updates on Facebook and Twitter.