Man In Formal Attire Reviews The Starbucks POKEMON GO Frappuccino

Last week it leaked out that Starbucks was going to be releasing a Pokemon Go themed frappuccino, and that new Pokemon would be coming to the game relatively soon. Now that we know both of those are true one question remains, how does the drink taste? For that answer, I turn to my favorite food review Youtuber, Report of the Week. 

For years RotW has been giving reviews on pizza, energy drinks, and trending snacks on the food industry and with his dry sense of humor, touch of class, and refusal to say anything until he's absolutely sure he's formed an opinion on the food...he's hands down my favorite food reviewer online. He's been on Tosh.0 as well as recently featured on CNN! Check out his interview on CNN below this video. 

Spoiler alert: The drink gets high marks, but not as high as you would think. Learn more about it in his video below.