MAN OF MEDAN Will Be The Beginning Of A Supermassive Series

The developers of huge story-based games such as Until Dawn is back with a new game that seems fairly like the experience we all enjoyed from their last title. Supermassive Games has released a trailer for The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan featuring a Ghost Ship, multiple teenagers, and a narrative man that seems to already know what the story holds but leaves it to the players to decide the outcome.

Bandai Namco presents Man of Medan, which will feature some well-known actors such as Shawn Ashmore (from X-men) and Pip Torrens (from Star Wars: The Force Awakens). While Ashmore will portray the game’s primary player-controlled protagonist, Conrad, Torrens will play the role of our narrative man known as The Curator. Check out the trailer:

If you couldn’t tell, The Curator will be an omniscient observer of the protagonists’ progress and choices. Unlike the changing cast of each story in The Dark Pictures anthology, the Curator will be part of each experience. He is the story teller and collector; he’s been in that role for centuries. While he knows the ‘rules’ he can’t give you much more than vague hints to help you come to the best conclusion of the story.

After truly enjoying the experience from Until Dawn, I am excited to see these types of games continuing and even being told straight forward that there will be more than just Man of Medan to come! Taking form of an official anthology series known as The Dark Pictures, I can’t wait to see what will come next. But first, we must venture into the Ghost Ship and face what evil lurks within.

Simply set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019, we will have to wait for an official launch date still for The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan. Will you be brave enough to take the role of these endangered teens and ensure their safety, or will you fail them as many did before to see them die in ways no one should?