MAN OF MEDAN Will Offer Entirely Different Story Perspectives On Second Playthroughs

The latest trailer for Supermassive Games upcoming choice-based movie game presented by The Dark Pictures, Man of Medan, shows the different between your first and second playthroughs. This is a game coming from the team that created the well praised horror title Until Dawn and it seems they have found ways to improve the gameplay style even further. While games like these have the replayability aspect from the fact that any and all the characters can either live or die based on the players choice, seeing that the perspective and characters of focus can change is something entirely new.

In the trailer below, they take you through the same scene in two different versions. On your first playthrough, you will play in the Theatrical Cut of the game. This version will take you through the initial game and experience the story from core characters of the game during their starring scenes. Playthroughs following your first will have the option of the Curators Cut. In this version you will get to see different scenes in the game through the eyes of the other characters in the scene.

With the small change that this non-horror, non-core moment of the story line showing how it affects the statuses of different characters to each other, just imagine how in depth this game is going to go with this new feature. It seems the possibilities for intense moments and crazy pathways are going to be even more diverse than in their first choice-based title.

Man of Medan is still set to launch on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 30th. Check out the Curators Cut trailer yourself and let us know in the comments what you think about this features addition: