Mario Dresses Up as James Bond in Awesome GOLDENEYE 007 Mod

Goldeneye 007 was the first-person shooter game that introduced many gamers to the genre. The game also became a smash hit on consoles. While there were other titles before Goldeneye, they weren’t as big. Goldeneye has had a lasting impression on both the industry and the players alike. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have fond memories of killing our friends with DK Mode and Paintball Mode enabled.

Have you been wanting to revisit that classic game? Maybe you tried out the 4K mod to breathe new life into it already. Well, what if you wanted to change things up more? A mod team consisting of StupidMarioBros1Fan, Graslu00, Carivorous, and Sogun created a fun looking mod that replaces all of the characters with characters from Mario. James Bond becomes Mario, Alex Trevelyan is Luigi, Soldiers and Civilians are Koopa Troopas, and of course, Oddjob is Toad.

This is not a multiplayer only mod either. The team edited some of the dialogue in the story and even changed some things around to bring some characters into it such as Toad/Oddjob.  If you are really feeling that nostalgic itch and have the know-how, this mod will run on the N64 hardware. You will want to be careful of the more demanding levels having big characters such as Bowser and Rainbow Bowser though since that can slow the performance.

I think this mod would be a lot of fun to play. I would love to get 3 friends to come over and either take turns shooting up Koopas or murdering each other in multiplayer (paintball mode enabled of course). I do wonder if Toad throws his head (or is that a hat?) like Oddjob or if he just magically produces a top hat. Check out the trailer below.

Are you going to try this mod out? Let us know in the comments!

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