Mario Terrorizes Los Santos in MARIO KART/GRAND THEFT AUTO V Mod

It was only a matter of time before someone created a mashup of Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto V, and that time is now. A new downloadable mod gives you the ability to play wearing the heads of Mario, Yoshi, Toad, or Wario, and another one allows you to cruise around in go-karts reminiscent of those in the classic Nintendo game.

YouTuber TheGuitarJammer has put together a little video of the kind of antics you can get into with both of these mods enabled, and it's a little weird to see Mario firing realistic-looking weapons and leaking blood as he gets sniped by police officers. Nintendo has done a good job keeping this character family-friendly so far, so I can only imagine what sort of deranged activities gamers are going to do once they're suited up as the iconic plumber.

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