Mario Kart VR initially made an appearance in Japan and London and has now made its way to the US. Fans in the country can now experience the cartoonish karting action, complete with a physical vehicle, pedals, and a steering wheel. The VR Zone Portal is currently in Washington DC’s Union Station as of the moment.

However, the VR Zone in the US will not be as large as the attraction in Tokyo and Osaka but will still allow players to select several VR games including, Mario Kart VR, Argyle Shift, and Ski Rodeo. The machine and all three games are available on a first-come-first-served basis and will not require any reservation.

In Mario Kart VR, racers will be sporting an HTC Vice headset and will be playing in first person. Players can use virtual items such as balloons and sash weapons including green and red shells via specific hand gestures. Players who would like to experience the VR Zone Portal has until 2019 to play the game.

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