MARIO+RABBIDS KINGDOM BATTLE Gets Donkey Kong DLC Announced At E3 2018

One of the more popular family friendly games to launch was the mix of the popularly crazy Rabbids and the beloved platforming crew from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Bros. With the fan base still playing this game often and an audience looking for more family friendly announcements this E3, Ubisoft has embraced them with an E3 trailer focused on some new DLC. Featuring the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC that will be available on June 26th, check out this trailer of madness:

I have to say that the title has become quite a mouthful; Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure. Even so, it is great to see that Donkey Kong is once again joining a Mario game that he will fit in well with. I hope that some more of the Donkey Krew make it into the game so that we could play with Diddy Kong or maybe even Lanky. For those that are fans of the game and still play it, this is definitely something to look forward to later this month!

What did you think of the Donkey Kong DLC introduction trailer?