MARVEL HEROES OMEGA Getting Exclusive PS4 Beta

We told you last week that superhero RPG Marvel Heroes Omega was headed to Xbox One and PS4, and today we learn that PS4 players are getting an exclusive first look at the game on console. April 21st, PlayStation 4 owners are going to get the opportunity to purchase a Founders Pack for the game. While it is disappointing that Marvel is not allowing an open beta but instead a beta for those who purchase the game, there are a few perks. Those who purchase the founders pack (no price given) to get ahold of the beta will enjoy Daredevil at no additional cost and will be able to get War Machine and Iron Fist exclusively for the first 6 months of the game. 

The beta will wipe progress at the end of the trial period, and it does not say how long the trial period for the beta will run. Xbox One owners will get the opportunity to try the beta according to developers, but that date has not been announced as of yet. Everyone still excited about this game?

Source: IGN