MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 1 And 2 Rated For Current Gen

Well here's a bit of cool news for Marvel fans! Destructoid is saying that both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 as well as 2 have both been rated for current gen consoles. The fact that it's been rated for both consoles leads to the almost apparent assumption that we are going to see some type of HD remaster for the game. I never thought the game was incredible by any means, but it certainly wasn't bad by any stretch!

If a remaster was done I might drop about $15 to $20 on it depending on how much is reworked. It was an alright beat-em-up but it was a bit glitchy from what I can remember, and really not at all that difficult to breeze through so they'd have to change a lot for me to consider more money. I can't see going beyond that though. What do you think?