MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE Launches Tuesday On Current Gen, Listed At $40 A Game

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam this Tuesday according to Marvel in their SDCC conference. The game itself had been rumored and all but officially confirmed to be making the transition for awhile, so that's not the shocking part. What's shocking is that each game will be available digitally for around $40 each, and $60 for the whole package.

If no one else is gonna say it I will...that's a lot. No way in hell am I dropping $40 on a game that's 10 years old in it's earliest incarnation. Especailly one like Ultimate Alliance. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun with it's variety of heroes and team aspect, but outside of that it was incredibly short and super glitchy at times. I would hope they've done some massive work to make this a currrent gen experience.

Then again current gen experience does tend to be buggy a patch reliant anymore.

Maybe I'm being a bit of a diva, but I just don't think there's enough substance to this game to hit above a price point of $24.99. I'd sooner play the original on a 360 for the 7.99 it goes for at my local game shop. What do you think?