Back in late July we posted about how people were saying the Marvel Ultimate Alliance remasters on PC were the "worst ports ever". The game was "patched" and free DLC was thrown in, but now we're in September and PC users are still reporting the game has many problems that have yet to be addressed. Reddit user Armedburrito lays out his complaints below...

The games were released in July, and they still haven't fixed the controller mapping issues. Beyond the fact that there are still missing sounds for some characters. How is this shit complicated, at all? Steam forum members are recommending you roll back Windows 10 to a previous version to get the game to work, but I don't have any problems with my 3rd party controller in any other games.

What a trash developer. Never support Zoe Mode.

The front page of both steam discussion forums still has complaints about controller issues.

He's right as both front pages of each game's forums have topics such as "Why is this game $40" , "When Are You Going To Fix Controller Support In Windows 10", and so on. 

There's been no word from the development team as to whether or not these issues will be fixed, but it's clear as of now neither game is in a condition that justifies it's $40 ($80 if you want both games) price tag.