Meet Jack Rutherford, One Of CODE VEIN's Main Characters

A character profile has been shown off from Bandai Namco to highlight one of the main characters in their upcoming title Code Vein. This highlight was written up by the games producer, Iizuka, and it features the Revenant named Jack Rutherford. While he has notable ties to the games protagonist and is a trusty partner, his overall goal is different than the others.

Jack is known as the Revenant Hunter and is feared by other Revenants. This is due to the fact that in order for him to carry out his mission, he has killed many of his own kind. His task consists of choosing and monitoring Successors to ensure the Queen never rises again. If this chosen host begins to show signs of losing control to the corrupting effects of the Divine Remains, he must choose the next host.

The Queen was a project that was implemented to overcome the bloodthirst that afflicts the Revenants. After the subject lost control and caused a great calamity, her body was unable to return to the ash. This left them with no choice but to transplant their spirits into other bodies. The body transplants are known as the Divine Remains and those that are chosen to have one transplanted on them is called a Successor.

When it comes to combat, Jack makes short work of enemies using his high evasion ability and powerful attacks. Partner that with his chosen blood veil to be “Hounds,” he is lethal with close-range attacks as well.

You can see Jack in action when Code Vein launches on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 27th. He seems to be a character that you will want on your team while also needing to keep an eye on as the story progresses. His lethal style sounds like the exact aid you will need in order to make it through this difficult campaign.