Meet Shirley Chua - 70 year old Cosplayer and Gamer

In the Cosplay community, Shirley Chua is a bit of a celebrity, trawl youtube and you will see her pop up, demonstrating her abilities to make costumes and have fun while showing them off.  That's the key in celebrating our passions, to have fun with them.  Many times, we can find ourselves getting bogged down in what can almost be described as the politics of 'geekdom'.  Shirley shows us that if you have a passion for something, no age or gender should be segregated from that.

Even more surprisingly this lady deadlifts to keep in shape, the combination of her enthusiasm and commitment will hopefully bring a smile to your face and inspire you, as it did myself. Breaking down barriers so we can all appreciate our own passions and respect others who share them is extremely important.  Shirley, I salute you.

This is footage of Shirley's 67th Birthday in 2014.  It captures the fun which typifies her adventures in cosplay and shows the tremendous support the cosplay community has for her

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