Meet The War Horseman In DARKSIDERS GENESIS' Latest Gameplay Trailer

We have been getting some news on the different aspects of Darksiders Genesis by Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic, such as the official board game called The Forbidden Land and how we could only obtain it in the Nephilim Edition bundle. Well now we are starting to see the different horseman in action with the new style that the Darksiders series is taking on with their latest title.

Bringing the combat to a top-down viewed RPG where the player takes control of one of the four horsemen, we are bound to see some crazy moves and abilities to work with. In this War Horseman featured gameplay trailer you can see some awesome spin attacks, heavy slams, and general chaos within the variety of attacks shown off. This is sure to only be a sample of what will be available, but that is also just the player side. You can also see that the enemies are as various as our attack options with enemies, both small and large, wielding different weapons from melee to ranged based.

Prepare to grab hold of his furious weapon Chaoseater, put on the impervious armor, and fight alongside his trusted steed, Ruin. Although, you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, his brother Strife can team up with War so that players can head into combat side by side in the two player cooperative mode.

Unfortunately, there’s still no official launch date other than the fact that we can expect it sometime in 2019 for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch. Will you be there for the days before Lucifer plans to upset the Balance and grant power to the master demons throughout Hell?