MEGA MAN X IS Getting An Unofficial Port To The Sega Genesis!

I think you all know by now that I am a pretty big fan of the Mega Man X franchise! If not, well I am so… now you know! Anyways, a new version of the original Mega Man X is being made for the Sega Genesis by homebrew programmer TiagoSC. The project has been in the work for some time now but only just crossed my radar earlier this week. A demo of the games intro level can be seen below so check it out!

Fantastic right?! What the Genesis homebrew scene has been accomplishing over the last few years is nothing short of amazing. For this demo in particular it is great to see colors so accurate to the SNES original. Lighting effects on the lamp posts are missing from this version but perhaps we might see that effect implemented in a later version! TiagoSC has also implemented some sound effects and voice clips from later X games. This is most noticeable when X releases a charged shot or when listening to Vile’s Ride Armor. While not present in the original I think it adds a new depth to the game and I really like it! Music also sounds closer to the original than I anticipated it would and makes for an interesting companion piece for what the 2 sound chips were capable of. Overall I am very impressed and can’t wait to see more of TiagoSC’s work as he progresses on the project!

What do you all think of this homebrew port?