If you thought the ending to Metal Gear Solid V was a bit ambiguous or left something to be desired, you have good reason to believe that. The game was cut at mission 50 so that Kojima did not have time to create a 3rd act to the game that would've further fleshed out the story. Even though we'll never see that conclusion, there are bits and pieces of mission 51 still intact that were made available to view in the collector's edition of the game released earlier this year...

Seeing as the latest re-release of the game is called the "Definitive Edition", it only seemed logical to gamers that we might see at least the finished part of Mission 51 to play. Kotaku writes Konami shut that down REAL quick...

I guess that's Konami's lie to tell, as Kojima has openly stated he wasn't finished on the game. I like how Konami's response is essentially, "If you want the full story go and buy the entire series" when Mission 51 just provided closure to characters and, if you watch it, essentially explains the plot of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. In case you didn't have time for the full video, here are some of the highlights. 

  • Miller and Ocelot have a discussion about the clones of Big Boss...Ocelot says he will have to infiltrate Cipher so that he may get to Eli (Liquid Snake) and raise him through their ideals from within. Miller says he will do the same with Solid Snake, who isn't directly mentioned. The two mention that this will make them enemies in the future and acknowledge it's for the greater good of their vision for the world. They also note that it's "inevitable the two clones will battle". 
  • Eli (Liquid), on his way to being sent to the compound, escapes with the children and takes hold of an island with that giant mech. Boss is left to attempt and get Eli back. 

While it would've been great to have an entire 3rd act that led right up to the game Metal Gear, having at least Mission 51 in the game explains a lot more and gives long-time fans real answers to the series. It's a shame Konami isn't going to put in the work and steal a franchise that, to be honest, has been more Kojima's than theirs. 

The definitive edition of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain comes out October 11th...I suggest skipping it if you already own the game.