Mewtwo Is Now Available To Catch In POKEMON GO

A legendary raid for Pokemon Go has launched in Japan, and with it came the first sighting of Mewtwo in the mobile game. Japanese users gathered in mass to Yokohama stadium for a timed 10 hour raid in which they had a chance to take down the legendary Pokemon. Here's a screengrab from someone who was at the event to show trainers what they might be getting into when he comes to the U.S.:

I don't think my low-level Pokemon would be much help to the group effort with a CP level that high! The good news is that folks are reporting around a 100% catch rate for taking part in the event, so if he does happen to appear sometime soon in America (likely Times Square), anyone lucky enough to get down there will have a pretty high chance of snagging him. Is the thought of owning Mewtwo enough to bring you back into this game?

Source: Eurogamer