MICRO MACHINES WORLD SERIES Brings Tiny Racing Back Next Month

microworld series

In January we announced that Codemasters would be bringing a new Micro Machines game to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Even though it was originally slated for 12 April, it seems as though we will finally be getting it on 23 June 2017. And I seriously cannot wait.

I remember when I played the previous Micro Machines about 11 years ago. These tiny vehicles were addictive and fun to race around, while some stages could be downright annoying but still enjoyable to play. What's astounding in the upcoming game is the reduction in vehicle count. Where MMV4 had over 700 vehicles to choose from, World Series will have 12. You can have a look at them on the Codemasters site already.

The site also reveals what game modes will be available, namely Races, Battle, and Elimination. No other news is yet forthcoming, but you can have a look at the initial trailer that was presented in January as a taste of things to come. 

Source: Codemasters; Kotaku

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