Microsoft Just Unveiled An Insane Steph Curry Xbox One X Bundle That Can't Be Bought

Despite typical struggling sales in Japan and a group of people who believe 4K consoles aren't the wave of the future, Microsoft is holding their head high. So high, in fact, that they flexed on anyone who was dissing the Xbox One X by showing off a console bundle that even the most anti-Microsoft critic would accept. In a collaboration with Under Armour (who just launched NBA star Steph Curry's new shoes), Microsoft unveiled an astounding VIP bundle that contains the following:

  • Custom Xbox One X adorned with Steph Curry's name and number plus an Elite Controller
  • Custom Xbox One X Curry 4's with Xbox socks
  • V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones with BoomPro Gaming Microphone
  • A roller case that also doubles as a charging station for electronic devices

Given all that, the price tag has to be pretty high, right? Wrong, and it turns out you can't even purchase this bundle even if you had the cash for it. Microsoft says a select number of consoles will be given out to "influencers" (Athletes/Youtube/Twitch Personalities) who will either show it off in several spaced out content videos or give it away in an attempt to get more followers. 

Personally, I'm hoping for the latter as I would love to own all of this regardless of my feelings on the Xbox One X. Do you feel the same? 

Source: IGN