Microsoft Set To Announce New Xbox Models At E3?


According to a new rumor coming out of French gaming website JeuxVideo, the Xbox Scarlet models are set for an E3 2019 reveal! The 2 models code named Anaconda (high end) and Lockhart (low end) will supposedly come equiped with 1 TB NVMe SSD’s and 8 core 16 thread Zen CPU’s. Both models will come equipped with GDDR6 ram with Lockhart coming in at 12 GB and Anaconda sporting 16 GB. The GPU in each box is also going to be NAvi based with Lockhart once again being the weaker performer. To keep costs low Lockhart will also supposedly ship without a disk drive.

Other rumors to come from this report also suggest that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for Xbox Scarlet when it releases in 2020. The game is also still planned to have both a PC and Xbox One release as well. Halo infinite has also been rumored to include some sort of RPG elements so that will be interesting to see when/if it is announced to be included. the last rumor coming out of the report is Ninja Theory’s new Xbox Game Studio game will release in early 2020! As with all rumors take this report with a huge grain of salt until confirmation can be given. E3 2019 Is in June like every year so thankfully we won’t have long to wait!

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