Microsoft Unexpectedly Released MIAMI STREET For Windows 10

Out of nowhere, Microsoft surprised gamers by releasing Miami Street for free on Windows 10 devices. The new racing game will not only be compatible with PCs but will also support Windows Surface tablets too. Miami Street is a free-to-play racing game that features a cinematic racing feel rather than a traditional racer such as Need for Speed that relies heavily on quick time events. 

Miami Street also incorporates an energy mechanic, which is familiar to most games that are present in smartphones and other non-traditional gaming devices. This means that players are given a limited amount of chances to race, which consumes energy. Once energy runs out, players will either wait for the game to replenish energy for a certain amount of time, or pay to resume. 

Furthermore, the game will automatically steer the vehicle for the player. However, players are faced with the challenge of strategically using the gas and breaks to spark boosts to defeat opponents. For PC players, the space bar and mouse will serve as the controls for those functions, while tablet players can just tap on the screen. 

Miami Street is developed by Electric Square, a sister company of Studio Gobo. Currently, the game was soft launched on the Microsoft Store but it is worth noting that the game is only available in select territories for now. 

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