Microsoft Unveils Special GAME OF THRONES Xbox One

Xbox France is at it again. Earlier this year they gave away a custom made Xbox One that looked like it was developed by Stark Industries. Now, to celebrate the season finale of Game of Thrones they are giving away a customized Xbox One that is either amazing or awful I can't quite decide...

The controller is obviously a must have. As for the console? I really like the design of the console minus the giant metal pieces jutting out from all sides of it. I could imagine that would make it a bear to fit into my entertainment center. I'm not saying I wouldn't find a way to make it work because it would be cool as hell to own this...I'm just hoping maybe that's bendable plastic at the top!

If you're looking to win one of the 3 consoles made (not available for purchase) click here. From there you should be able to find the contest video and just like and comment it to enter!