Microtransactions And A Constant Online Connection Needed In METAL GEAR SURVIVE

Konami, the developer for the upcoming game Metal Gear Survive, has confirmed recently that a constant online connection will be required to play the game, and that a micro-transaction system will be put in place. 

The upcoming entry in the franchise, Metal Gear Survive, is the first game in the series does not involve series creator, Hideo Kojima since he already left Konami. In a preview to GameSpot, Konami confirmed that the game will require a constant connection to the internet, even if the player is playing the single-player campaign. This is not really a big issue, since most games nowadays would also require an internet connection. However, fans who are planning to just play the single player campaign should take note of this requirement.

Regarding the constant online connection feature, Konami said that they made it that way so the game would be able to “support a seamless integration between single player and co-op,” and to allow Konami, to provide players with “ongoing content post-launch.”

Furthermore, Metal Gear Survive will also include a feature that is probably one of the most controversial ones in gaming today, micro-transactions. The game will introduce an online store where players can acquire in-game currency by making a purchase with real money. Players will be able to buy things like Boost Passes, however, for players who do not wish to make additional purchases in game, the same virtual currency can also be acquired by players just by simply playing the game. Although the game is still in development so some details regarding the micro-transaction system can still change. 

Lastly, Konami also revealed through their brand manager, Jennifer Tsang, that it will take players an estimated time of 15-20 hours of gameplay to get through the main campaign. An open beta test for the game began on January 18 and will end today, January 22. 

What do you think of the introduction of micro-transactions in Metal Gear Survive? 

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