Microtransactions Won't Be Present In STATE OF DECAY 2


Last week, Microsoft announced that the upcoming zombie-survival RPG, State of Decay 2, will be released on May 22 this year. Now, it has been revealed that the upcoming title will not feature any form of microtransactions. 

In an interview with IGN, the devs for State of Decay 2 has confirmed that the studio isn’t planning on placing any microtransaction system in the game. Given this, it seems that Undead Labs is taking a different path compared to other game developers big and small, who feature microtransactions in games that some players see as a way for studios to take in more money beyond the purchase price.

Last month, Konami received tremendous backlash when they released Metal Gear Survive, that would charge players an additional fee whenever they create a new save slot without deleting the previous one. 

However, just like Undead Studios, Sony’s upcoming installment to the God of War franchise has also confirmed that players can expect that the game will be microtransaction-free. You can check out the developer’s announcement here

State of Decay 2 will launch on May 22 for the Xbox One and PC, which will be a Play Anywhere title. The game will be priced at $30 for the Standard Edition, and $50 for the Ultimate Edition, which will include an Early Access pass, that will allow players to play the game four days earlier. Furthermore, it will include both the Independence and Daybreak Packs. You can pre-order the game here

What do you think of Undead Labs’ decision to not include microtransactions in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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