Warner Bros has announced that Middle Earth: Shadow Of War will have loot boxes. The boxes, which will be able to be purchased with either in-game currency or micro-transactions will allow players to unlock Legendary Orcs, weapons, and all other things that one could naturally obtain throughout the course of the game. 

The move has caused many to ask why such a system, which is typically packaged in Early Access titles or free to play titles is being included in a full price game? No one really needs an answer to that one as we all know why it was done, and that many people will buy it despite the mass outcry around the web this morning. Of course, Warner Bros has assured this system will only allow people who wish to purchase the perks to do so and that everyone will still be on equal playing field.

All that said, unless you're planning on jumping into the game's new multiplayer aspects, this decision won't affect you. It's not as though someone's foolish decision to drop $90 on all the in-game items will cheese your single-player experience when it comes to your game, although the idea that loot chests exist to acquire certain items do make one wonder how difficult it is to actually obtain some of the in-game weapons and Orcs. 

How do you feel about this decision? Does it affect your decision to purchase the game? Shadow Of War drops October 10th. 

Source: Eurogamer