MINECRAFT Adding "Battle Mode" Minigame In Free Update Next Month

Minecraft announced today that they will be adding a "battle mode" mini-game to all console platforms in June. They detail their plans in a recent Playstation blog, which essentially sounds like the plot to The Hunger Games!

Players will be dropped in a pre-rendered map with chests containing random items and weapons. Players will then battle in a deathmatch with pre-determined skill sets. The option will be available for 4 players via local split-screen, and up to 8 players online. No word if you'll have to utilize your friends list or there will be a matchmaking system implemented for the game. The update will be free, with random map packs being released for around $2.99 at later dates.

Of course, players have already been doing this for years, but this new polished mode will add countdowns for the match, score keeping, and a spectator mode for downed players who will fly around as bats. Sounds like enough to pull me back in the game, what about you?