MINECRAFT EARTH Has Been Announced And It Looks Crazy!


Minecraft turns 10 today so to kick off the celebration Mojang and Microsoft have announced Minecraft Earth an augmented reality take on the popular game. The premise is pretty simple really, take Minecraft and combine it with the real world! Players will be able to explore there neighborhoods and find blocks, crops or mobs and then use these materials to build whatever they want. A flat surface is required to start a build so I am curious as to how the feature will work in more hilly areas but otherwise it seems to be pretty on point. Being a mobile game all the builds made in Minecraft Earth will be accessible to other players. Hopefully there will be some sort of moderation cuz you know someone out there won’t be able to help themselves from drawing a ton of pen15’s…

No release date has yet been given for Minecraft Earth but a closed beta will be rolled out this summer with registrations currently active! It honestly looks like a great take on the classic formula to me and could give a lot of fans a great way to interact with their friends and neighbors in a new way. What do you all think about the reveal of Minecraft Earth?