MINECRAFT Gets Launch Date for Nintendo Switch

The sensational indie game Minecraft has gotten an official release date for May 11th coming to the Nintendo Switch! This date is strictly for the digital release with a promise for the physical copy to be released at a later date. The best part is that this version of Minecraft is being handled by 4J Studios, the development team that originally brought the PC game to consoles!

This game has already reached every other platform currently available, aside from any Nintendo platform, meaning that this will be the first time a Nintendo console will have Minecraft available! I think this is pretty awesome and a step in the right direction for the Switch's game library.

You will be able to play multiplayer both online and local with up to eight players, just like on the other platforms. Also, TellTale's Minecraft: Story Mode was confirmed to be launched on the Switch as well, but without a given date just yet.

This is a pretty awesome, and immediate, action being taken to put the online service offered through the Nintendo Switch to the test and see just how well it connects with others around the world!