MINECRAFT Movie Is Delayed After The Director Leaves The Project

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Four video game movies were supposed to come out next year. However, it seems now that there will only be three after recent developments resulted in the delay of the Minecraft movie after writer/director Rob McElhenney left the project. 

The Wrap reported that McElhenney, who is notably known as Mac on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is no longer associated with the upcoming Minecraft movie. Before his departure, the film is scheduled to release on May next year, but that will no longer be possible as it is currently unclear on who will direct the project now. This is not the first time a director left the Minecraft film project. In 2014, the original director, Shawn Levy, left the project after encountering creative differences with Warner Bros. 

Moreover, Warner Bros. has already hired new writers for the script including filmmakers Aaron and Adam Nee, who will direct next year’s Masters of the Universe film. Not many details are known about the upcoming Minecraft movie. However, it has been rumored that Steve Carell will voice the lead character on the game, who is also named Steve, but this information is yet to be confirmed. 

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