MINESWEEPER GENIUS Resurrects An Old Classic On Consoles

If you have owned a computer in the last 25 years chances are you have played Minesweeper. The classic game of logic pitted your cool face dude up against a field of mines and it was up to you to earn your slick shades by flagging where each mine was located. Blowfish Studios has taken this classic concept and put a new spin on it with Minesweeper Genius.

Minesweeper Genius tasks players with navigating their character through a board to get to an end point. Along the way players will need to mark mine locations to keep them safe on their travels. The game boasts an impressive 130 levels with many challenging levels to overcome. And if that isn’t enough the fun can be extended through the use of a custom board maker.

Minesweeper Genius is available now for PS4, Switch and Xbox One. Full review coming soon!