Mod In Development To Bring TRANSFORMERS To STARCRAFT II Arcade

I love when people with too much time on their hands do something great. User Crainy on the Team Liquid forums has completely transformed Starcraft II into what looks like an entirely different game with Transformers! "Transformers: Open World" is designed to be a multiplayer open world RPG that wants you to feel like you're in the movies.

I still can't believe he's managed to create this world within Starcraft II, however Crainy says he's been working on the project a long time...

While the game is currently truly just in Pre-Alpha, what I want to achieve with "Transformers: Open World" is a visually stunning, atmospheric RPG experience with mechanically advanced gameplay, a huge open world aswell as a pretty large amout of content. Getting the atmosphere of the Transformers movies right is important to me.

You'll choose from Autobots (no Decepticons yet) and be able to traverse the real world in robot and vehicle form! No the combat system isn't wonky because it's in pre's RPG style...

The combat system is 50% character stats and 50% player skill. It is based around dodging, stunning, countering enemy attacks and awareness of your enemy. Technically, you are capable of taking on even the strongest bosses at level 1 - if you´re good enough.

Crainy says the final mod will have the following features, and claims many of which are already in the pre-alpha...

* Several playable Autobots (Decepticons may get added later)
* A deep transformation system
* A huge atmospheric open world (about 5 times bigger than the playable area in the current build)
* Advanced third person mechanics and combat
* A character progression system (ranks, stats and perks)
* Intelligent enemy AI
* Relatively large enemy variety
* Bosses
* NPCs and dialogs
* Quests
* Advanced visual fidelity (Huge amouts of custom models and animations)
* Limited PvP

If you're looking to further follow the project (which hopefully won't get slapped with a big old infringement ban) follow his updates on the forum here!